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About Us

Emniyet Translation Office is a registered translation office established in 1951, Turkey

We have been translating from all world languages for 61 years (See the section Our Services).

Our company have employed for long years professional personnel consisted of registered translators all are specialized on their own fields.
Furthermore, the notarial, sub-governor, apostille, consulate certifications of the translations are carried out by our personnel and delivered to the address of the customer by our couriers.
The translations are made in PC and Macintosh.

At request of the customer, the translations are delivered to the customer in disc CD or text form.

From the date of its establishment, Emniyet Translation Office has shown great care and attention to the professional ethic rules and confidentiality.

Translations of all customers are put in special envelopes and kept in the archiving department. We do not disclose any translation or information to another customer.

Confidentiality is essential for us.
Another most important point that we, Emniyet Translation Office show utmost attention is that we deliver the translation of the documents on the scheduled date and time. Wherever you are in Turkey or in the world, you may contact with us at any time by means of facsimile, modem and e-mail. Both translation and typing of the languages using different alphabets such as Russia, Bulgarian, Greek, Hebrew, and Arabian are made by our company.

On basis of our experience for more than half century, you may take advantage of our services for your translation requirements.

Our office, which has already made translations of ten thousands of pages for 61 years continues its service with its expert personnel in a professional understanding.

We apply discount of 50% for the students.

From the year establishment date of 1951, the main principle of us as Emniyet Translation Office is to make translations:


Speedy and

On scheduled time.


• Oral translation services • Urgent Translation • Escort Services • Editorial Service • Consultancy • Written translation services ( • Business Translation • Legal Translation • Technical and Medical Translation • Certificate Translations ) GERMAN , ARABIAN , ALBANIAN , BULGARIAN , CZECH , CHINESE , ARMENIAN , OLD TURKISH , FRENCH , PERSIAN , DUTCH , FINNISH , CROATIAN , ENGLISH , SPANISH , SWEDISH , ITALIAN , JAPANESE , POLISH , HUNGARIAN , MACEDONIAN , NORWEGIAN , PORTUGUESE , POLONESE , ROMANIAN , RUSSIAN , SERBIAN , TURKISH , GREEK
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  6 Aralık 2021 Pazartesi
Phone: +90 0212 527 34 64